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It is pretty safe to say that we all think the AC has turned into a bad joke, and it continues. Look at the PR from the two combatants after their meeting in Geneva today. Ironic that Alinghi wants to go in multi’s, and BMW wants a ‘conventional” match….They must be on different planets…which they are.

From GGYC: – A delegation from the Golden Gate Yacht
Club and its team, BMW ORACLE Racing, met in Geneva today with
representatives of SNG/Alinghi.
GGYC’s clear and straight-forward proposals for a fully competitive, conventional America’s Cup in monohulls were rejected by SNG, who insisted
on a regatta in large multihulls under the Deed of Gift (“DoG”).
SNG asserted that the Deed of Gift match with GGYC would take place in
May 2010. This is in defiance of the recent decision and orders of the New
York courts that the DoG match take place in February 2010.
GGYC has asked SNG to put their position in writing, and hopes to have
another meeting with SNG soon to clarify issues related to the DoG match.
GGYC is disappointed that SNG categorically rejected our proposals for a
conventional regatta. GGYC will continue to negotiate in good faith as
Challenger of Record to put the America’s Cup back on the water as soon as

From SNG: At a meeting today in Geneva, the America’s Cup defending yacht club, Société Nautique de Genève (SNG), confirmed that it accepts the Golden Gate Yacht Club’s (GGYC) challenge for the 33rd America’s Cup and informed representatives of the American yacht club that its team, Alinghi, will be ready to race their 90 x 90 ft boat (as stated in the GGYC Notice of Challenge) in 2010. SNG expressed its willingness for the challenger selection to be open to other teams and has encouraged GGYC to do so by offering them more time for teams to prepare if necessary. It was also stated that the SNG would be flexible and ready to discuss other terms of the 33rd America’s Cup such as race format, venue or calendar.