New Chick On The Block


New Chick On The Block

Part two of our Innerview with Katie Miller
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SA: Who has been the most important influence in your sailing life so far?

KM: I HAVE to be cheesey and say my Dad… he is the one that booked that holiday after all…. I could still be playing football (sorry, I mean SOCCER!) or hockey in Birmingham right now if he hadn’t!

In terms of inspiration, then obviously there is Ellen. As I started to get really into sailing, she came 2nd in the Vendee which I happened to come across on the internet. From then on I was hooked.

Dee has been almost like a mentor to me since she awarded me with the Young Sailor of the Year trophy back in 2007, basically because I won’t leave her alone, and Sam gave me my first ride on an Open 60.
SA: Do you plan on spending the next four or five years in the Figaros before trying to step up to an Open 60?  Will there be something else, like a Classe 40 for instance, in the interim?