What a Tool

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What a Tool

From our newest advertiser, Expedition software.

We are quite excited to be advertising on Sailing Anarchy! Expedition started life as a small project for my own use, initially using it in the 2002-1 Volvo Ocean race on News Corp and the Louis Vuitton regatta with Stars and Stripes immediately afterwards.

A few of us used it successfully in regattas around the world over the following years as Exp became an increasingly useful tool, until someone planted the seed that it could be shared with everyone else. The down-side of course is that there is now less time to actually go sailing. Saying that, I’ve had a lot of fun, made some good friends and even won a few regattas at the same time.

We think Expedition is quite simply the best tactical and navigation software available. It is used all over the world from Farr 40s to the Med Cup, Volvo race and Americas Cup.

A lot of the focus has been on making it as user-friendly as possible while still doing everything we need on a boat.

Exp includes support for

  • Most instruments systems (AIS, B&G, Koden radar, Nexus, NKE, NMEA 1083 & 2000, Ockam, Racing Bravo, Tacktick etc,
  • C-Map and Bsb type charts,
  • Tidal and currents, with models covering the US, Europe and NZ,
  • Weather from PredictWind, Ocens and Saildocs,
  • Optimal routing,
  • Buoy racing functions – start line, laylines etc,
  • Stripchart program to graph anything,
  • Polars,
  • Race schedule functions to track and analyse competitors,

Nick White, April 2009.