Single(handing) in Annapolis

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Single(handing) in Annapolis

I’m in Annapolis, though since I always seem to get in trouble at NOOD’s, I’ll be staying away from ’em this year. Nope – I’m alone this time, without Mer or Kuma, and I’m on my own little quest that started with our trip to Mallorca last month to sail the new Devoti D-One singlehander.  I’ve done almost no singlehanded sailing in my life, but I had an absolute blast on the little carbon rocket, but when I went to write a report, I realized that my opinion was pretty much worthless.  So my singlehanded research continues in Naptown, and this time, I’ll be trying out Tim Kernan’s brand new Stealth CL, and hopefully testing out a Musto Skiff as well.

It looks like we’ll have some hotshot dinghy and Melges sailors playing around too, and since we wouldn’t turn anyone away, anyone with a wetsuit is welcome to come down and give them a shot as well.  We can’t promise that everyone will get time in the boats, but hell – I’ll buy a couple cases of beer and if you don’t sail, you can drink. 

We’ve got plenty of room for more boats, so anyone who wants to get their high-performance singlehander in on the test should pull her down to SSA on Thursday from noon til whenever for some gettin’ wet.  Forecast is for breeze, so let’s make it happen.  Feel free to shoot me a note if you have any questions, and if you have a RIB you can lend us for the afternoon, let me know.


While I’m there, I plan to check out the Eastport Democratic Club, a truly Anarchist drinking establishment just minutes from the stodgy old Annapolis Yacht Club.  The club is in big trouble, and needs to raise some $17,000 before the end of the month or they’re booted from the property, so they’re opening up their membership for anyone who wants to join.

As Phantom Menace put it, “The EDC is one of those rare spots with $2-$3 beer and call-brand liquor, a 2 a.m. liquor license, also a pool table, dart board, kitchen, tons of space, big screen tv, CD jukebox, video games, there is PLENTY of parking, and WAY local old school Eastport flavor.

“As It seems like a great opportunity for we, the Annapolis sailing community to stack the deck and stake our claim on a historic watering hole. Membership is ONLY $100 for the year, and as a member you can go to the club as much as you like and drink for SOOOOO cheap.”

Want to join a drinking establishment that pisses off the Establishment?  I do.  Check out the thread for more info.