Dock Nazi and the Duck Man

Dock Nazi and the Duck Man

Anarchist “Clove Hitch” gives us a great look at some of the characters that seem to pervade every marina:

The Dock Nazi: Dude is a boat cleaner covered in tats. Of note are the "SS" lightning bolts displayed proudly on his left pec. Hobbies include "fishing" for sea-gulls with table scraps.

The Duck Guy: A short, swarthy live aboard. Tends to mutter to himself. He filled his cockpit with water and bred some mallards. They shit all over his boat all the time. . . like ducks do.

Skipper: Every marina with live aboards has a guy like this, it seems. Friendly, salty and grizzled. Has a white beard coarse enough to clean his stanchions with the shavings. Knows damn near everything about cruising there is to know.

The Doc: Could be an ophthalmologist, but seeing how full of shit he is, probably is a proctologist.

Who’s around your dock?