Day Dreamers

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Day Dreamers

The primary day-yacht

The folks at Alphena Yachts have some info for you on their very nice looking range of day sailors. Not only are these things bitchin looking, but we dig these purpose built boats that dispense with anything other than just sailing.

The title day-yacht alone sums up the philosophy of the Alphena One. Designed to sail coastal courses or inland race zones, the Alphena One, through its slender Tanguy Le Bihan designed hull, offers its helmsman and crew the most immediate and exhilarating pleasures of a great day’s sailing. Exceptional performance, simplicity and comfort are synonymous with this resolutely modern sports coupé, and you don’t have to be an experienced skipper to access the purest of sensations. With its inverted bow, neat bulwark, flush deck, slender roof, very wide cockpit, sofa seating with bridge deck, self-furling jib and uncluttered deck hardware layout, the Alphena One represents a totally avant-garde design.

This day-yacht benefits from a construction of extraordinary quality: a hull and deck made from a vacuum polyester infusion of balsa sandwich reinforced with glass and carbon, a top of the range external finish with lacquered metallic paint, mirror polished stainless steel, a fully laid deck and Harken deck fittings. This exception little craft is the fruit of close collaboration between Alphena Yachts, naval architect Tanguy Le Bihan and Loïck Peyron (pictured above), the famous triple winner of The Transat. A year and a half’s engineering was necessary to ensure its fine tuning.

The Alphena One is also intended to be a forerunner in terms of respect for the environment. As such, propulsion is guaranteed via an inboard motor comprising a saildrive leg coupled with an electric engine. Three 12 Volt batteries guarantee a range and performance which are in line with the sailing programme.
The deck is entirely laid in FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) exotic wood guaranteeing its origin and its socioeconomic conditions of use.

Finally, the materials incorporated in the inner linings and seating are made of Okeo Tex certified materials assuring the absence of harmful, toxic chemical compounds.

The Alphena Yachts yard, based at the core of the French racing hub of Lorient, ensures a small production run (maximum of 20 craft per year) for this 8.50 metre craft. Each craft is produced in close collaboration with the client in order to adapt to their wishes: hull colour, seating colour, interior layout and rigging. The first craft will sail in Switzerland, on the French Côte d’Azur and Southern Brittany.
Alphena Three: A 12.5 metre big brother

This year Alphena Yachts intends to expand its concept to a larger craft: the Alphena Three. A genuine ‘loft-yacht’, the Alphena Three will recapture the same principles of efficiency, performance, comfort and design as its little brother, but these will extend to an interior which is suited to modern navigation spanning several days. As such, the yard is currently seeking a ‘pilot’ customer who will benefit from attractive terms to be the first to appropriate this exceptional craft of the future.