The SMART Sherpa

The SMART Sherpa

Our pal Sherpa Tenzing sends in another solid tool for sailing coaches of any level.  Got a question about coaching, coaches or training?  Send it in.

Planning Your Session

Setting Goals: S.M.A.R.T. Goals have a real GCSE stigma attached to them. Here are 6 reasons why there’s still a place for them in the coaching bag:

  1. I like acronyms and this one’s a real beauty.
  2. Specificity is the link between profiling (identifying development areas) and delivering on that statement of intent. Start with a clear focused goal so you can ask the right questions of a coach or make full use of a training partner. It can just guarantee you get the video footage you’re after.
  3. Measuring speed or the execution of a technique during the session will enable you to gauge progress and more importantly, provide a long term marker to compare yourself against. That might be as simple as the number of tacks you can complete in a minute or it could utilize some more advanced analysis tools. So come on, get creative with a Velocitec!
  4. Agreeing on a goal (with a coach, training partner or parent) helps form a contract. This commitment will help you adhere to harder goals or ensure everyone’s signing from the same hymn sheet when working as a team.
  5. Relevance ensures that gains in the session will actually have a bearing on performance on the race course. If your goal for the season is the National Championships, seek out the conditions you expect at that venue in the month of the regatta!
  6. Time is of the essence. It’s as simple as setting out how many hours you intend to train or a date that you’ll aim to have reached your specific goal.