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Courtesy of legendary AC poster Stingray:

There have been a lot of posts today, many deserve +1’s. But some combination lit a fire. What exactly happened?

There was:

  • The original announcement posted at Zero Degrees Nord that Ernesto has agreed to meet soon with Larry. Plus several similar accounts, including at BYM and also via the AP.
  • The very nearly simultaneous hoisting up the flagpole at GGYC. The April 7 letter to SNG Commodore Fred Firmenich.
  • A report by Stuart Alexander at The Independent suggesting a second letter, a response to the April 7th GGYC letter, but from SNG dated April 14th, today, that we have not seen yet. That would apparently set Alinghi’s agenda.
  • The letter by Fred Meyer, ‘President of the America’s Cup Committee’, and Vice Commodore of SNG, to SNG members, in French, but in English at that same VS link, that apparently does set the agenda.

Going back, in date order it has been

  • The CofA court decision, April 2
  • The Order Filed on April 7
  • The GGYC letter of April 7
  • The Alinghi announcement saying "after some exchanges EB will meet LE" at Zero and elsewhere. April 14.
  • Alinghi’s mystery reply letter of April 14 to GGYC’s of April 7 – still no link. April 14?
  • An upcoming meeting, maybe in Geneva, maybe on April 23rd, according to various reports, also on April 14.

I have taxes to do but if anyone wants to underline those with extra links and richness, then that would help a casual reader. So far, all the events since the Trustees Letter and GGYC letter, all by Alinghi, apparently point to a DoG Match? I’ve seen no other suggestion so far. Anyone?