Good Times?

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Good Times?

The man from Telefonica Blue, Bouwe Bekking, sends the latest from the team. This stunning photograph is from Rick Tomlinson, be sure to click on it.

We had a nice time here in Rio. The good result in the inshore race sets us nicely up for the next leg, but the wins in the practice race and both pro-am races have given us extra confidence, we know we are sailing on a fast boat.  Plus it is nice to see that we have grown to become a very tight unit, not just colleagues. We all became good friends and we all have one goal, and that is to win this race. Very often at this stage in this race you see crews splitting up in sections, but in our team no personal agendas. We all have the same motto: what is good for the team is good for me!!! This makes my life less stressful as I don’t have to worry to keep “peace” onboard.

As well, no structural issues with the boat, this meant an “easy” job for the shore crew. They had the boat only for four days, but they done it again. Thanks guys!

We haven’t spend any time with the team to go over the mishaps in the last leg. We have been focusing and working on all the aspects to make the boat go faster. We changed all the standing rigging, plus the fore and aft rigging. Then we replaced all the running rigging. Was it necessary? Probably not, but just didn’t want to take any risk. The new sails are all glamour’s (and we have several of them), and I am convinced we are going to make good gains in the performance. So all roses here in Rio. Keep you posted during the leg.


Bouwe Bekking