Kill ’em All


Kill ’em All

Once again, the annual Canadian seal hunt is underway, and the savages who perform this particular brand of brutality of killed over 63,000 so far. But that is just the start: the goal is to slaughter over 330,000 seals. Of course we remain horrified by this, and the lack of international outcry is appalling, but there may be an upside: The International Fund for Animal Welfare said it welcomed news of fewer sealers taking part in this year’s hunt due to a "lack of markets for seal fur." According to the IFAW, seal skin prices have fallen to 15 dollars (12 US) from 100 dollars (81 US) in 2006. The seals are hunted mainly for their pelts, but also for meat and fat, which is used in beauty products.

Environmental groups last month condemned Canada’s decision to boost its annual quota for seal hunting to 338,000, an increase of 55,000 animals over last year’s quota.

The groups warned that with an expected European ban on any seal products, the increase makes little sense. none of this makes any sense as far as we’re concerned.