Yesterday we ran a piece (a press release) from Dawg about the Robie Pierce Regatta, a disabled sailing event. Dawg had a little fun with Heineken as the sponsor, and did a nice job covering the event. There were a number of people who just didn’t seem to get Dawg’s perspective and now it looks like we have an angry Robie Pierce. We of course are sympathetic to his position, but apparently Pierce does not actually know who and what Dawg is, and is not aware of the amount of disabled sailing coverage we have done. Too bad he didn’t bother to do a little research before he went off…

I am Robie Pierce, Newport RI. I am aghast at what you have allowed to be printed in your sub-par internet periodical. Whoever this writer( Dawg) is should be fired from you staff. What an obnoxious piece of yellow journalism. There is no humor here !!!

I personally have spent 25 years of a very successful wheelchaired life developing a better life and sport for those with disabilities. The event chair people were kind enough to recognize my contributions and put my name on this inaugural event.This crap article is an insult to me, my family and all people with disabilities who live & compete aggresively and drink in moderation. I suugest you fire this SOB and strongly suggest he get counseling his way out the door.

You have enraged the disabled community with this outragious piece, as you probably already know. I live with my MS day to day as I move beyond my disabilities, and I rarely get enraged. Sailing Anarchy has gone way overboard in allowing this in print.

I demand you and also Dawg issue a written apology to the event, the disabled community and myself. If I don’t see a retraction in your next issue and recieve a reply from you personally I will be sure that all the advertisers on your page are very aware of this reckless, heartless article. Test Me

Robie Pierce
Newport RI

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