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In Style

Gavin Brady sends this report from the brand new Farr 80 Beau Geste. We think that this is the right way to do one of these things…

Beau Geste hasn’t been set up as a typical race yacht.  She has been configured with a large amount of interior to give the boat some real comfort with 3 double cabins and one single cabin.  She has hot and cold running water and a  walk in shower. We also went with a 24 volt system in the boat so we could have a well set up galley with a microwave, oven, fridge and freezer, etc.  

I guess we could sum up the boat by saying the sea trials consist of a 5 day fishing trip up north to the bay of islands with Karl and his mates. It was scary at times knowing we were adding this extra weight for the interior comforts, but seeing the boat completed with these extras I’m very confident we made the right decisions.  Most yachting events are raced in fantastic areas of the world and it is s shame not to be able to go spend some time at these places before or after an event.

All the sails on the boat furl to keep crew numbers down and make sailing the boat much easier. Again there is a small loss of performance  by doing this but it means we can race the boat with 12 crew and cruise the boat with 3 crew and Karl.   We also included 4 hydraulic winches to keep the crew numbers down when we want.

We built Beau Geste at Cookson’s which has been a great experience and Mick and his team have been had a big influence in the design and concept of the boat. Our goal has been to come up with a boat that is fun to sail and be able to enjoy cruising to a few areas of the world we have only sailed around and never stopped to see. We will sail here  in Auckland for 3 weeks and then ship to the Med. Pics again thanks to Crew.org.nz.