U$ Ailing Buys a New Benz

U$ Ailing Buys a New Benz

By Peter Huston

The process of trying to find a way for US Sailing to come into compliance with the USOC regulations in the aftermath of the Hall ruling has begun. Of course, there is extremely limited information about exactly what US Sailing is trying to achieve, and there has been no opportunity for the general membership to have input into the process.

So, given that the ISAF President and Secretary General were in attendance in support of US Sailing in their recent meeting with the USOC, I submitted a list of questions for both ISAF Secretary General Jerome Pels and US Sailing President Jim Capron to answer about this meeting, and the general idea of the impact the Hall ruling is going to have on the sport. Rather than quote them selectively, because they both had the courtesy to respond in full, the complete Q & A can be read here.

If you need a refresher to what US Sailing said initially about this ruling, and want to compare that with the statements made by Pels, read the press release along with Olympic Sailing Committee Chairman Dean Brenner’s comments that he put in the SA forum..

Then, if you have not read what Sandy Grovesnor, the Chairwoman of the US Sailing Judges Committee, had to say about the impact of this ruling.