Going Down

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Going Down

Last week we brought you the story of the keel falling off the J/80 Heat Wave during the double handed Farallones race in ‘Frisco. Here are the final parts of the complete and exclusive story from crew David Servais.

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Part four: Survival

When we had been sailing I knew our course to the south tower was something like 60 degrees. They appeared to be twenty degrees left of the bridge, so they were at maybe 40 degrees. The reciprocal of that would be 220? Yes, that’s it. I got on the radio and instructed the Pilot boat to steer a course of 220 degrees and go about one miles. The captain of the Pilot boat got on the radio and started talking to me. I couldn’t figure out what he was saying as I kept getting wiped off the boat by the waves, and having to climb back on.

I told Dave they knew where we were (which was sort of a lie), and I told him we would be on their boat soon. He asked about the status of our boat which seemed to be sinking. I lied again and said it was fine. Then I got on the radio and told the Coast Guard to hurry up because our boat was sinking and we were going to die soon. In truth, our boat really was sinking, It probably had about an hour left by my guesses. I thought again about cutting my tether, but I still felt safer with it on.