Challenge Us

Challenge Us

The Court of Appeals’ decision to disqualify CNEV from the 33rd America’s Cup has brought some hope to those who’ve maintained that Bertarelli’s scam shouldn’t be allowed to go forward.  We’ve been part of that group from the beginning, and our belief in the silliness of Alinghi’s vision initially led to the formation of the Anarchy Challenge.  It may have started as social commentary – a joke of a team created to highlight the joke that is Ernesto Bertarelli – but it quickly became something much more powerful and even more fun.  Thanks to thousands of Anarchists donating time and money, the idea of “The People’s Challenge” is now something real – something we intend to grow into a viable vehicle that represents the enthusiasm and resourcefulness of the biggest and best community of sailors that has ever been.

We don’t quite know what the next step should be for Anarchy Challenge.  Maybe we should use our name and voice to represent a match racing team, a disabled sailing campaign, some hot chicks in bikinis, or maybe we should just use it to maintain the website and continue growing so we’re ready for the 34th Cup.  We’re pretty open minded, and we’d like to know what you all think – especially those of you who’ve donated money.  So weigh in and let us know where you’d like to see Anarchy Challenge headed over the next year or two, and we’ll see what makes the most sense. 

The generosity, creativity, and hard work of the people who made Anarchy Challenge possible has been amazing – and we thank all of you and hope you continue to work with us as the future becomes more concrete.   Seriously, thanks.

For those of you who are no longer interested in the Challenge, we intend to honor our promise to you to refund your donations upon request.  Either go to Pay Pal and simply ask for a refund for your donation, or send an email to us with a copy of your receipt and we’ll kick down your dough – and thanks to you folks too for believing in us.  For those who stick with us, stay tuned.  We’re just gettin’ warmed up.