Going Down

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Going Down

Earlier in the week we brought you the story of the keel falling off the J/80 Heat Wave during the double handed Farallones race in ‘Frisco. Here is part two of the complete and exclusive story from crew David Servais.

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Part two: The Crash

I had been tired since mid-day. I was lethargic, my body wouldn’t stop shaking and it was impossible to find a place on the boat where your muscles didn’t have to constantly work to keep you in place. It was miserable.
After I took the helm, however,  in the twilight, we started seeing some incredible boat speeds. The knot meter would top out in the high teens, and then it just wouldn’t read any more. The wheel was probably coming out of the water as the boat was hardly floating any more, it was flying.
10 wave combos were the norm, with white water flying everywhere you couldn’t see the waves you were riding, you just had to feel them.