“I’ll Be Back”

race report

"I’ll Be Back"

Anarchist Jfunk goes SB 3 sailing. And lives to tell about. Barely.

The morning after the 505 Nationals presentation night, I had a red eye flight to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast for a bit of business and some more sailing. Whilst up there, I crashed at Phil Gray’s place. Phil is a guy I have raced against a bit in 5oh’s and had a lot of laughs with. Phil’s idea of fixing a hangover is to make rum punch’s. As a result, there were some interesting conversations that night, especially when he said he had just brought an SB3 and there was a regatta in a few weeks.

“Do you want to do it”? “Yep”! “Who else should we get”? “Fritz”! “Lets do it”! A quick phone call to Fritz (Rob Duessen, the bloke I spend most of my time sailing with), a quick phone call to our sponsors, the Commonwealth Bank for some airfares and we were on.

The week before the regatta, I am on the phone to Michael Quirk (Quirkles) about the San Francisco 505 Worlds and I am scanning the internet for SB3 info as we are chatting, (I didn’t know anything about how to sail them) turns out Quirkles had just won a regatta in Sydney in SB3’s. “Hey Quirkles, looks like you are the man in SB3’s here in Oz”! “Oh yea, hey they were fun”. “You know me and Fritz are off to Ugly Phils place to do a regatta in them, grab a boat and come up”. “Cool”!