Telefonica Blue is claiming 19 hours redress for the direct delay it incurred after running aground in Qingdao. The Spanish team decided to make this claim before leaving China, but didn’t file it until last night. The demand for redress is based on the fact that the Race Committee and/or Organizers were at fault for locating the start line in an area where there was at least one uncharted shallow area. In addition, the Spanish team claims that the Race Committee and/or Organizers were also at fault for failing to provide a port with adequate depth for Telefonica Blue to return to the location of a crane, which meant that 3 hours elapsed between them running aground and being hauled out. If Telefonica’s claim for 19 hours redress is validated, Green Dragon will lose its Leg 5 fourth place!

The boats that arrived in Rio on their own bottoms are now out of the water and the shore teams are racing to get them ready for the in-port races. The two that arrived by cargo vessel are now repaired, relaunched and sailing, which could give them an edge where it comes to knowing the waters.

Delta Lloyd has undergone a particularly extensive refit job and is now hoping to emulate the performances it put up as Black Betty. Diana Bogaards has recorded every stage of the work to provide an unprecedented pictorial account of work on a Volvo entry. Her pix can be seen here.