126.4 mph

126.4 mph

The Greenbird Project
It is unofficial, 126.4 mph was reached today by The Greenbird Project. Mike Moody, the PRO for the Class Action Racing Blokart rally, has been at Ivanpah Dry Lakebed since Wednesday and he has made this report:

126.4 mph is the NEW land speed record for a wind powered craft! Join me in congratulating Richard Jenkins in his awesome "Greenbird"

The winds were right (Too much for the rest of us short hitters) and Richard had the whole playa to himself! We feel special we were able to witness history in the making. Here’s hoping the record stands at least as long as the last one. Its been a long journey for Richard (several years on his quest) but now he owns it. Current wind on the playa  39 mph with gusts up to 70 mph predicted. Good thing Richard got his run in early in the day.

Dawg will be heading out to Ivanpah for the regatta which starts on Sunday. With camera in hand he is hoping to get some up close photos. It is reported by Mike that another attempt will be made on Monday. WOO HOO.