So, Ericsson 3 has crawled into Rio first and, last time we looked, her teammate was crawling there too, finishing second, crossing the line at 22:57:44 GMT, after 41 days at sea. Behind them, apart from Telefonica Blue, crew thoughts are on food, or to be more precise lack of food.

Kenny Read reported tonight, from a near stopped Puma, we have one more meal left for tonight and a bag of peanuts for the morning. Besides that, we have unlimited amounts of water. We will be quite hungry at some point if the breeze doesn’t fill in.” Ian Walker, on Green Dragon, said ”There is now a black market in liquorice all sorts and most things to be honest! We packed for 40 days which wasn’t a bad estimate and we may finish in 42 or 43 days.”

It’s another story on Telefonica Blue, where Bouwe Bekking is positively gloating “Apparently people think that we are running out of food, so what about this: 3 powerbars, 1 snickersbar, 1 plate of chocolate for each, as much protein shakes as you like, plus sharing in between all 2 bags of dried kiwifruit, 2 portions of Jamon (raw ham) and two rolls of cookies and that is only our snacks for today. As well we still have 5 complete days for breakfast, lunch and dinner, although the lunches and dinners are not so luxury as during the rest of the trip, because we have only one choice instead of picking out of two dishes. Then we still have individual packages of muesli, pasta and some “horrible” tasting dishes, so we have food for another couple of days on top that.” E4 pic from Rick Tomlinson and more here.