Cruising Tiger

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Cruising Tiger

I’ll be the first to tell you that one reason I bought a Flying Tiger was because I thought we could do some family weekending and overnights on it. Then when we took delivery we saw how small the boat actually was inside and thought better. That didn’t stop some Seattle folks from not only weekending, they actually cruised it! But then again, aren’t they half crazy up there, anyway? – Ed.

Taking a sport boat cruising may be some peoples idea of stupidity, even torture.  But when you have a Flying Tiger, a couple weeks off in Aug and the San Juan Islands about 85 miles away- why not give it a try?!  That is what my wife Susan and I did this year and we had a blast!

Cruising the Tiger is pretty easy.  Especially if you have any experience hiking (as in walking not hanging over the edge of a boat) and sleeping in a backpacking tent.  The v-birth on the Tiger is plenty long for a 6’8” person to sleep and there is still enough room for my 5’9” wife.  The Tiger is easy to sail double handed yet it keeps you on your toes.  We are somewhat addicted to speed and the Tiger feeds that addiction well – even in cruise mode.  We love flying the chute double handed and have had it up in 20knots.  It is a thrill catching and passing every boat in front of you – even the big family trawlers.