There is no “us” in US Sailing

There is no "us" in US Sailing

by Peter Huston

The story last week entitled “The Gloves Are Off” suggested that I was somehow sailing’s equivalent of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Let’s be crystal clear here – I did not author that article.

What happened is that someone who feels very strongly about the topic of US Sailing dressed me up in a meat suit to be fed to the forum haters so they could feed on this bit of sensationalism to illustrate the author’s point, while hoping to inspire conversation about various aspects of US Sailing.   

Anyone who knows me knows I’d never for one moment compare myself to Dr. King.  There are no problems in sailing that come even remotely close to the problems he helped to solve.

Lost in a lot of what I’ve had to say in the last several years is why I’ve had to say anything at all.  I did not go looking for issues within US Sailing that needed to be solved.  I didn’t want to come here and expose the transgressions of Jim Capron and Dean Brenner.  I was asked to look into rule or regulation violations of US Sailing by various people.  I was asked to look into these things – starting with the Youth Champs in ’07 and including various aspects of the Olympic Trials and team member issues, along with other things, because people knew something was wrong, and knew that I knew the rule or regulation.