on board


I have to put my hand up giving bad advice to all who have been racing the virtual race. Didn’t I say South was King in his race and it would be an easy ride?  Nothing of that all. The famous southern ocean hasn’t lived up to its reputation and it was more or less a place full of weather booby traps. We stepped on one, and it cost us dearly.  Once the damage was done, we have been keeping around that same distance from the leading boat, so that is given that we are jury-rigged not too bad at all. We had some awesome rides down south just before rounding the Horn, but with  the ice waypoints the character of  the race has changed. There are pros and cons with these in place, but most important is that only one boat has seen ice.  It wouldn’t be pretty to slam into one doing 20 knots plus, better don’t even want to speak about the consequences.

So this leg hasn’t brought us what we hoped for, gaining points on the leader hasn’t happened, and we lost out against the other ones. But we feel we have got  very good pace, and we all think of the year that Illbruck was leading in Rio. That race wasn’t over until the last leg. Ken Read and his boys have done another great job, most likely again a podium place for the shoestring box and they have the tools as well to challenge Ericsson 4  for the leading spot. So in that sense  a very good race can develop, even Ericsson 3 has an outside chance. Throw in a couple of more boats (Telefonica Black and Delta Lloyd) and we start looking like a small fleet again.

After Rio next stop is Boston!! The race deserves more coverage. Time is always the biggest enemy in getting a campaign off the ground. What about an SA entry for the next race?  The Americas cup was this time out of reach, but the next Volvo more reality?  Give it a go, for sure plenty of advice, ideas (money) from the readers and plenty who would like to do the race!!


Bouwe Bekking