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Aussie Aussie Aussie

Last Friday, March 13, the Queensland-based team of Racer XY clinched the Etchells Worlds with one race to spare.  85 boats, with crews of highly decorated sailors, competed in the Melbourne, Australia Worlds, and when the last day was cancelled due to weather conditions, Jason Muir’s team had won the Worlds by twenty points over second place Damien King, and twenty-two points over legendary skipper John Bertrand.  This team of generation X and Yers (perhaps the reason for the boat name), may be young in years, but they are wise in experience.  While the rest of the world’s websites reprinted a press release/interview with just the winning skipper, our own “Dixie” dug a little deeper to get the scoop from three of the winning team.  Here’s Dixie’s Innerview with skipper Jason Muir, Matt Chew, & Bucky Smith. 

Q: Congratulations to you!  So has it sunk in yet?  What have the first few days post winning been like?  Any surprises? 

Jason Muir: No, just lots of phone calls from family and friends.

Bucky Smith: Thanks, it’s beginning to sink in. The first few days have been a bit head in the clouds, but that came crashing down when I was faced with catching up with 2 weeks worth of missed work at the sail loft!   [Bucky works for Ullman Sails in Brisbane]

Matt Chew: It’s been surreal. At times I’m over the moon happy, at times I’m quite just reflecting, and at times I think it was all a dream.

[Paul Wyatt was unavailable this week due to racing commitments]

Q: Tell me about your other teammates. Are you all professional sailors?

Matt:  No I’m not a pro, I have always had a supportive family which has helped me remain a CAT1.  Jason owns a chandlery and is a CAT2; Bucky is a sail maker and is a CAT2; Paul is a CAT 1.

Jason:   We are all accomplished amateurs.  I met Paul [Wyatt] when he took me overseas in 1984 to crew for him in the inter cadet worlds. We ended up 10th, I think.   Adrian Finglas [the team’s coach] put me onto Matty Chew in 2007 for Mooloolaba Nationals and has been with us since. Bucky [Smith] jumped on board just 3 weeks before Worlds and slotted in straight away. Read on.