Another sailor meets his end for no good reason yesterday, this time in Richmond, California.  This report from “NotARealNoob”.

Jeff Cook lived on a power boat over on E dock at Marina Bay. He was returning to his boat via his dink and he had his German Shepard on board. No one knows for certain, but there is evidence that he had an engine problem en route. (the cover to his outboard was missing). Somewhere in the process of starting the engine he went into the water in full view of a couple of people who were watching from the promenade. Sadly, we couldn’t hear his calls for help, and the two witnesses didn’t call 911 until they watched him slip below the surface about 30 yds from shore.

The coasties pulled out the stops, deploying two helo’s and a RIB, while the RPD and RFD circled the promenade with lights shining on the water while Bill from Blackwater Diving dove trying to find him. In the meantime, the residents of the marina were searching each of the fingers of the E and D docks trying to see if he had made it close. The search was called off at 2:15 in the morning. It resumed under the direction of the harbormaster who had solicited NOAA for the use of their bottom mapping sonar boat. Bill found Jeff a bit after 1:00 this after noon.

It’s a sad end to a good guy. My hats off to the harbormaster and Bill Fehr who worked to ensure that Jeff’s body wasn’t just going to be left out there until nature took it’s course. The water is cold folks. Hypothermia can be fixed…drowning….not so much. Be careful out there.