The Gloves Are Off


The Gloves Are Off

Peter Huston is one of our more engaged and thoughtful contributors here at SA. He has his detractors, but this anarchist is clearly not one of them. And no, it is not me. Or Peter…!

Peter Huston and many others have been around US SAILING a long time. For those of you who have not gone to their meetings for decades, and have not seen the political process, obviously don’t fathom what has changed in the past decade. For those who just started attending these meetings in the past decade, they just don’t see it either. A decade ago, there was a major shift in the ideology, management and direction. US SAILING used to be an active participant in the sport, sending representatives to other organizations and were part of the fabric of sailing up and down, and left and right. They used to have someone on the Board of Directors of Sail America, they used to attend all USOC meetings with multiple representatives, they used to just be interconnected in a much greater amount than today.

During the past decade, US SAILING has been working more and more towards isolation. During this period they also have been building the confidence that they are omnipotent, can do no wrong and can do anything they want without ramifications. Recent decisions are pointing out that they do wrong.