A Class Act

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A Class Act

For those of us who were fortunate enough to get to know Eric Schlageter the man, his passing reminds us to hold dear those who are special as life can be a transient journey.

Eric’s special place in yacht racing circles has been well documented. His professional life began at Michigan with his degree in Naval Architecture. His partnership with Scott Graham produced designs that dominated in the MORC class, not to mention forming the nucleus of the S2 line of yachts. Most notable of their production designs were the highly successful S2 7.9 and S2 9.1. Also in the early days they had successes with custom designs such as Chocolate Chips, and Ciao, both ¾ tonners, Warrior, a ½ tonner. Other custom MORC designs included Pinocchio, the Mariah G& S 27 (Bold Forbes, Lizzie B and Insatiable, among others).

His work in yachting was not limited to IOR or MORC. He was involved in various capacities with the design teams of a number of AC campaigns, including America One, Heart of America, Team DC, and Young America.

Ever fascinated by the technical aspects of making a boat go fast, Eric more recently was employed as SAIC’s Senior Naval Architect working on spook projects for the Navy.

The above is but a brief professional resume on the man. The real story of Eric deals with the man and his personality and his love of life. There was none better to spend an evening and a drink or two or three with than Eric. He could entertain for hours on end, with that big, ever present boyish smile combined with an impressive intellect.

A good guy, a special guy. A class act. 

– Ed Cummins

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