Bertarelli ‘Leaves’ UBS

Bertarelli ‘Leaves’

UBS has put themselves in a hell of a jam over a number of issues, and now the latest is that it looks like goodd ol Ernie is stepping down from the UBS board.  Or make that asked to leave? Additional booted board member Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler was recruited to be on the AC 32 Arb Panel by Erne$to, who then also recruited her for the UBS Board. And then she tried to stay on the Arb Panel even after being placed on the Board of Alinghi’s biggest sponsor.

The Challengers complained bitterly, but she tried to stay on the Arb Panel, and it was only after the other Arb Panel members pressured her and Erne$to did she finally step down from the AC 32 Arb Panel. Now, both Erne$to and Ms. Kaufmann-Kohler are getting the flick from the UBS Board. Coincidence? Or finally, good, strong, independent Board members?

And UBS is continuing to pull their sponsorships from seemingly everything….