The Right Class?

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The Right Class?

SA advertiser Akilaria Class 40 not only has a couple of interesting updates, but also a boat available for you, right now!

The Akilaria 40 continues to leave its mark on the global racing circuit with a string of victories over the last few months. Perhaps the most remarkable is the success of the German yacht Beluga Racer competing in the inaugural Portimão Global Ocean Race. Beluga Racer, one of the earlier Class 40s to hit the water, has dominated the event winning the first two legs of this global circumnavigation race against some much newer competition. At one point on the first leg from Portimão, Portugal to Cape Town, South Africa, Beluga Racer led the fleet by over 700 miles. In the end, after running into an errant high pressure system off the South African coast, Beluga Racer managed to stave off a last minute charge from Desafio Cabo de Hornos, a brand new Guillaume Verdier designed Class 40 to win by just over two hours. Co-skippers Boris Herrmann and Felix Oehme were quick to praise the boat.

“To be honest,  all we had to do was point the boat in the right direction,” Boris said. “The Akilaria 40 sails itself and seemingly knows how to find the groove and once it settles into it, the boat just takes off. It’s very easy on our autopilots and even downwind, when we reached speeds well into the 20s, the boat handled beautifully without straining the pilots or myself and Felix. We just stood in the cockpit and enjoyed the ride.”

While an around-the-world race is a good proving ground for just about any boat, the Akilaria 40s are also dominating the shorter races. The recently concluded RORC Caribbean 600 saw three Class 40 vying for the top spot with the Akilaria 40 beating an Owen Clarke Class 40 and a Pogo 40. Late last year an Akilaria 40 won its class on corrected time in the IRC Rolex Middle Sea race and a month earlier took second, third and forth place in the Morbihan Mondial Class 40 Worlds. For a complete look at all recent victories go to www.akilaria.com.

There is a good reason for the consistent high performance of the Akilaria 40s and it comes back to the clearheaded thinking of French designer Marc Lombard. “We wanted a boat that was powerful yet simple to sail,” he said. “The Akilaria 40 is extremely stable. It’s a very beamy boat with 450kg of water ballast and plenty of sail area. It’s more powerful, more stable, faster and lighter than a Figaro boat and I feel that its potential is quite enormous.” With meticulous outfitting at Maine Yacht Center under the professional eye of Brian Harris, the sole US importer of the Akilaria 40, Lombard’s dream of a fun, fast, affordable Class 40 perfect for the US market is now a reality.

Akilaria Class 40 hull #17 is in Portland, Maine and is for sale. This boat is brand new and can be commissioned,  launched and ready for the Bermuda 1-2 and a season of great sailing. For more information contact Brian Harris at [email protected] or +1 207 842 9000.