Try as we might, we just can’t keep from watching the soap opera surrounding the impending court case over the legendary A-Scow debacle (for some unrelated lawyer-bashing, check this thread out). For the whole sordid history, you can read the thousands-post long A-Scow thread, though you might want to pop a Ritalin before taking it on.  Here’s the latest rant on the subject from Rail Meat:

While I have been silent on this thread for a couple of years, to this day I view this entire series of events to be the most disgusting display of behavior I have ever seen in sailing, an embarassment and blot on the long and storied history of lake and scow sailing in the mid west. In my view, the behavior of Harken and Melges in this tarnishes their reputations in an fundamental and shameful way. The greek chorus of A Scow trust fund babies have an excuse of sorts… they are simply stupid and behaving like the mindless idiots in Lord of the Flies. Given a free ride for most of their lives, no body expects very much of them and in that respect they have exceeded expectations. But for leaders in this sport such as Olaf and Buddy to let their greed and their vanity carry them into this mess? That is such a shame. I will never, ever buy a Melges boat because of this. And one of only the reasons why I did not buy any of the fine equipment and gear that Harken makes for my Class 40 is because of the role that Olaf played in all of this. If I was put in a situation where I had a choice to sail with the NCASA crowd or not sail ever again… I would leave the sport.

If this goes to trial, the ILYA will lose. If I am wrong, I will certainly eat crow. Publically, in this thread. But if I am right, what are the odds that the A Scow trust fund kids will finally recognize the truth in what the rest of the outside observers have seen in this mess? I would mark those odds as low, but always hold out hope. What I predict, however, is that when Brad wins all of the NCASA apologist will moan and wail about how Brad has brought ruin upon the IYLA, when instead they should recognize that in fact it was they who actually ruined the IYLA.

I have no dog in this hunt other than the fact that I am a sailor who loves this sport including the history, traditions, and community of sailing. I feel passionately about this situation because of what I view as the truely egregious damage that a small group of cretins have managed to cause to a small corner of this sport that I love, and feel that these events require a response. Simply averting my eyes and telling myself that it was not a problem because it was happening in some back water of some obscure box rule class on some inconsequential lakes in the midwest was not an option. I am not going to post again in this thread until this is over. Everything I think about this situation I have already said in prior posts, and I still stand by all of those remarks. I would wish Brad luck, but I do not think he is going to need it. The facts are on his side.