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Ennio’s Ennui

The owner of one of the raceboats at the Miami Grand Prix has a response to some of those who talked shit about their performance last week, including Mr. Clean.  It’s a good one.

I am the owner of the TP52 Anema & Core. We have sailed the boat for less than one year, and I am proud to say that we have sailed well all year, including Key West.  We didn’t do so well in Miami for SORC, but it was expected given the fact that no one of us trained between KW and SORC, while the Russian team went out, hired one of the best coaches in the world, and trained for 14 straight days before SORC. It should not go unnoticed that Team Origin [sailing Rio -Ed] is the British America’s Cup team, and the crew of Ran is not too far behind.

Some of the crew members have pointed out to me during the regatta that very stupid, childish, and immature comments were posted on this site ("spaghetti crew" and the likes) at different times during the regatta. I myself have read today one very stupid line in an article about the SORC referring to us as "going around the course trying to avoid blowing up another expensive chute" or something to that effect. I guess people who write these childish paragraphs about other people taking sailing seriously are not really sailors but someone who sits at a keyboard dreaming to be one. 

But I have news for all you guys out there: No matter how many chutes my crew blew up this past week, no matter how many gybes we screwed up, or how many times we made a mistake below our abilities, I would not trade any of them with any of you, not for a moment. What surprises the most is knowing that some of these comments have been written by people who know us well and who know the dedication and the sacrifices that each and every crew member makes every time they step on our boat. I challenge anyone who has written any of these comments, that have wounded our spirit more than words can express but certainly have not killed it, to come forward directly to me and tell me what they think in my face. People who use blogs hiding behind screen names do so because they don’t have the guts to say it in public and to our faces, and there is one word to describe these people…cowards.

Sailing is a corinthian sport for sure, but it is a competitive one as well, and I don’t like when we don’t win, but I have never, and will never, make fun of other crews when they perform poorly. I guess, however, that sailing is, and will be unfortunately, full of envious people who call themselves sailors but should not allowed to step on a boat. People who rejoice when other crews don’t do as well as they could. I will leave this site, which is not one of my favorite, with a list of some of the boat’s achievements for 2008:

NYYC Race Week – June 2008 – 2nd
CBYRA Race Week – September 2008 – 1st
IRC Mid Atlantic Championship – 2nd
Key West Race Week – 4th

-Ennio Staffini,
Owner of Anema&Core, USA38008