Rise Above


Rise Above

Recently, it seems that the only news coming out of the marine industry has been discouraging. Lay offs, bankruptcies and dropping sales are the norm these days. It is no longer surprising to see these unfortunate stories as the industry fights its way through these tough economic times. While I personally can’t change this situation I can offer a bit of good news about a company in the sailing industry.

I am sure many Anarchists can recall a story I wrote a year ago. It shared the bad news of the yacht rigging service, Rigging Solutions LLC, burning to the ground. Joe Mello’s unique shop on four wheels caught fire and burned to an unrecognizable wasteland of charred tools, melted spools and mountains of ash. It was devastating to all involved, and at the time that I wrote, the only thing that the business had an abundance of was HOPE.

It’s been a little over a year since that horrible day and I am happy to report that other than a few blackened tools, and a couple photographic reminders, you would never think that the fire ever happened. Rigging Solutions is back and better than ever! This is truly a success story considering the abundance of unique tools, and material that is out of print, which was lost.

The “Bus”, as it is now called, was purchased a few weeks following the fire and after a weeklong refit, Rigging Solutions was back on the road. With the help of several suppliers, the support of many marine reps and the patience of numerous boat yards, it wasn’t long before things started to look normal. The money from insurance helped cover some of the costs and some tools were recovered to be reused. But in the end, it was really the heart of a dedicated owner that brought this business back with such life. At an age where most people are thinking about retirement, he rebuilt his entire business from the ground up and did it in time for the busy spring commissioning season.

It was no miracle that Rigging Solutions is back on the road, just a sign of how much someone truly enjoys and loves what they do for a living.

On behalf of everyone at Rigging Solutions LLC, including the owners Joe & Susan Mello (also my parents), Jim Medeiros, and Peter Blecha, I want to thank all the loyal customers and suppliers that stuck with Rigging Solution through this difficult time and helped us rise again.

Joey Mello