Back in the Black?

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Back in the Black?

We have covered the bad news of Goetz Custom Boats having financial issues, ultimately resulting in the company going into receivership, and now here’s a bit of good news: Goetz Custom Technologies, LLC has announced that it has successfully bought the assets of Eric Goetz Custom Sailboats Inc. from the state appointed receiver and started a new company, Goetz Custom Technologies. Eric Goetz promised he would answer a few questions, and here they are:

Q: So we see that you guys are creating a new goetz company. please tell us the details. 

A: In order to purchase the assets of Goetz Custom Sailboats, Inc., we formed goetz Custom technologies, LLC. 

Q: Some complain this is just a way out of old debt – comments?

A: That is both cynical and understandable.  What people do not know from behind the scenes is that I poured my own money into Eric Goetz Custom Sailboats to try to keep it going.  I am an unsecured creditor as well.  I am not going to see any of that money. Not exactly a good way to shave debt!.

Q: Why will a new Goetz company not have the same financial problems the old Goetz company had?

A: Good question.  Goetz Custom Technologies is starting with a stronger balance sheet than the outgoing company.  This means that the products which we have in house will have a stronger impact providing positive cash flow.  Obviously we, like any other business at any time, let alone this one, need new work to be landed.

Q: Will the new company have a new direction in boat building? for example, less expensive boats, one design, etc.

A: We will send you a press release on this, (check it out – there is a new direction at the company – Ed.) but basically we are not going to rely solely  on custom boats, which is a small part of the boating market. 

Q: So let’s say the economic stimulus ‘package’ as given me some new money and i am considering building a new 40′. why would i come to you?

A: Goetz Custom Technologies is staffed by the same people who made the top quality boats which our old company produced. We have moved 85% of our staff to the new company so you would be assured that you are getting a top quality vessel. From a business perspective GCT is a stronger company because of its stronger balance sheet..

Q: Do you see a turn around in the industry at some point?  Can you survive under the current conditions?

A: I am bullish. We will survive. Bank on that!.