The Old College Try

The Old College Try

This one is from a guy who knows how to build just about everything: Boats, sailors, fleets, classes, businesses – Steve Clark’s done it all.  You college sailing directors should listen, and listen good.

The New ICSA Dinghy

Rationale: Over the last 25 years Vanguard and the members of the ICSA have progressively modified the building specifications of the Flying Junior and 420. These boats are structurally very close to ideal for their use. But they are also significantly heavier than their design weight; consequently both boats now float well below their design waterlines and their performance has eroded to a level that concerns many sailors.

Sailing these heavy weight editions of light weight designs is less fun than it ought to be.

A new boat, which incorporates the lessons of the last 25 years and which is designed to accommodate the additional reinforcement demanded by College programs will have significantly better performance, will enable a wider range of sailors to race competitively, and will provide a uniform standard to advance college sailing.