Not Funny!

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Not Funny!

Bouwe Bekking gives anarchists the latest from the VOR on board Telefonica Blue.

Some people will laugh their heads off when they see our position compared to the other teams, fair enough. Broken headstay or not, we didn’t do a good job once leaving the New Zealand coast behind, and we should have stayed closer to the other ones, especially with the good pace we had.

Right now we are getting another whammy, as we get swallowed up by a high pressure system, which will bring the range to the leader well over a thousand miles, maybe even closer to 2,000 miles as they keep zooming away in good pressure. A bit depressing, I have to admit, and right now not much we can do about it, just trying to stay patient. The light air will stay with us for at least another 24 hours, but then it looks like  a fast trip at least until the Horn. Some here onboard are a bit jealous on the Green Dragon, who have been seeing now several times icebergs. Seeing ice is something really fascinating and magic, and a thing that attracts guys to do this race. But how beautiful they might be, once you have seen them, you know how difficult they are to spot, especially in a big breeze. They actually start scaring the shit out of you when you know ice is there and you are sailing 20 knots through the middle of the night. The further east we go, it should become a less of a hazard, but you never know. Two years ago there were icebergs spotted well north of the Falkland islands, says enough to me.

The good news is that the last couple of days of relative relaxed sailing hasn’t drained the guys. Plenty of good sleep and proper eating, so our bodies don’t suffer too much, that is the only advantage we have over the other boats, who have sailing on the edge for several days. As well time to go over analysing the performance gains we made, since we put the new rudders in and the changes made to our sail inventory. These results are every promising and give us good hope for the reminder of the race. The breeze just dropped another couple of knots, and we are doing barely 8 knots, and that in the famous southern ocean. But for sure in a couple of days time, Neptune will give us the real screaming fifties experience, and some of us might by then prefer the conditions we have now. You can’t have it all. One thing we have to do is to make sure nothing will happen to our rig, and that we arrive in one piece in Rio, plenty of points to grab from there on.