Mickey D Dollars

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Mickey D Dollars

Fast-food retailer McDonald’s Corp does not plan to cut its global sponsorship budget in 2009 despite the global economic downturn. However the company will change its sponsorship model in an effort to make them more focused and efficient.

Johan Jervoe, corporate vice president in charge of global marketing said on Monday, “We’ll probably be at least spending flat, but in a very efficient, very focused way. “We need to apply a new model and that model is doing less things deeper and better. “It’s not about having as big a tool box as we used to have in the past.”

Jervoe made the remarks in an interview with Reuters while attending a conference sponsored by IEG, a unit of advertising giant WPP Plc, which tracks sponsorship spending. McDonald’s spent between $125 million and $130 million on sponsorships in 2007, making it the 12th-biggest spender in North America, according to IEG. From Sports Business International.

It would be great if Mickey D spent some money in sailing. oh that’s right, nobody cares about sailing…