Run What Ya Brung


Run What Ya Brung

Our little Sailing Anarchy Yacht Club ‘first annual’ regatta kicks off in warm, breezy Fort Pierce, Florida this Friday, and it looks like we’ll have two fleets of PHRF monohulls, and possibly a few beach cats racing in the open ocean just off Hutchinson Island.  While this is still something of a practice run for what we think could grow into a sweet late winter regatta next year, we’ll still have bigger handicap fleets than Miami Race Week, so we’re doing something right…

Those of you who’ve had the faith to register and come play with us won’t be disappointed – we’ve got a professional National Race Officer, we scraped together some boats and marks thanks to the Fort Pierce Yacht Club, and the forecast is for 80 degrees and honkin’ seabreeze for our civilized 12:00 starts.  We’re also bringing down big boxes of swag from all sorts of random sources like Torreson Marine, Charleston Race Week, and Point Loma Outfitting as well as free rum from Velocitek and Simplicity Racing, and deck hardware from Ronstan.  Winners will get brand new Anarchy Challenge gear and some hilarious trophies, as well as bragging rights from the coolest regatta ever.  EVER!  Did we mention the cheap rooms, two pools (with hot tub), and jello shots between races?  What about free launching, free dockage, two cheap-ass parties with free beer, and dirt-cheap entry fees?

If you can find the time to get down here, you won’t regret it.  Deadlines?  We don’t need no stinking deadlines.  Check out the entry list and sign up now, or just drag your ass (and sportboat/shitbox/beach cat) down to the Dockside Inn this weekend and get in on the action.  You won’t regret it.