Nice Work If You Can Get It

on board

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Our first on board report from the SC 50 Horizon as they make their way to Cabo. Off to a good start, we’d say…

Uneventful start. Had wind from 160m at the start in the 7-9 kts range, hvy#1 and not making course. Here we are now at dinner time, 5pm and we’ve changed sails and are now flying our Code 0 with the genoa staysail in 12-15 kts hitting the occasional 10+. The class is on a west to east line with Flaca outside, Rocket, Allure and then us most inside SC 50′ and SRM inside us by a mile or so with the J 133 even more down the beach and everyone seems to be the same speed. Seems a straight shot as the routing has us hitting the corners (of the Baja geography) and cutting off extra distance. Discussion on deck about a 3A or just go straight to the 2A. We’ve seen 17 kts TWS so far but the wind has only backed into the 270-280’s. Dinner is the next milestone, and we’ve been solid 10+kts BS now for the last hour or so. The future looks good. It would be nice if it lifted 15 degrees more so we could set the 2A and flatten out a little. It’s coming.

17-21 kts with the 4A, pole forward blasting along, top speeds in the high teens with a lot of moon. Not much in the way of waves, fairly steady sea state…and it’s cold, very cold, with the big boys starting tomorrow…such is the life of an offshore Mexico race. It beats working.