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Just Do It

Jeff Thorpe, Quantum’s main dude in Frisco also heads up the very quick R/P 45 Criminal Mischief (nee Beau Geste) program. Saturday they start the Newport to Cabo race, one that could be a good one for them as it is expected to blow and the boat hauls ass of the wind in pressure. We wanted to get an idea how Thorpe puts together such a race, and here ya go. Also, look for onboard reports throughout the race from Jeff as well as from Jon Shampain, navigator of the SC 50 Horizon.

SA: How’s the weather looking? What forecasting program do you use?

JT: According to the 7pm GFS Grib file its showing about 17 knots from 265 Degrees, which for us would be prime to start with a kite up to avoid any water line reaching with the bigger boats. According to Commanders weathers routing from this morning they are calling for the wind to be a fair bit lighter at start 5 to 9 knots and 10 to 12 during the day into Sunday afternoon. Hopefully they will agree with the latest grib files from tonight on their forecasts tomorrow morning. But overall I think that it’s going to be windier down the coast of Mexico, So I am optimistic that it will be high teens to mid 20’s for the race. And yes we will be using commanders during the whole race.

SA: How hard is this boat to sail, particularly in a breeze?

JT: The boat is fairly easy to sail in the breeze, although it gets really wet above 20 knots when  the boat is on the step, But overall the rudder has very good feel while driving at speed so it’s  fairly easy to keep in a nice groove. One thing that is very important sailing this boat is mainsail trim and having the vang trimmed as much as the spin sheet as it has a big effect in boat speed.

SA: Who cooks and what are you eating?

JT: Everybody and we are taking freeze dried food

SA: What watch system will you use?

JT: We will be using a 7 man rotating system  3 hours on 4 off with the owner floating

SA: Do you consider this 600 mile race a more of a sprint?

JT: Well if it’s windy it’s a sprint but this race can take 2.5 days or 5 days  so we are bringing food for 3 days let’s hope for wind.

SA: Who is your crew and what are their positions?

Chip Megeath Owner
Jeff Thorpe Navigator
Campbell Rivers Watch Captain
Ty Reed  Trimmer
Cameron Biehl Trimmer
Joe Penrod Bow
Robin Jeffers Bow
Kevin Moon Grinder/Trimmer

50/50 Young guns and Old Guys

SA: Are you going to win?

JT: Can’t answer that one.. We feel we will be competitive But don’t want the SA curse !!