The Game, II

The Game, II

The latest project from Schickler Tagliapietra Yacht Engineering:

This IRC design has been started for an experience owner from the Gulf Coast, looking for a better weapon in IRC racing, with a strong emphasis on offshore.   It is  more focused on the “go fast, have fun, learn how to outrun the rating” end of the spectrum, as opposed to “slow down, but not as slow as the rule thinks” end.  It is not as delicate as the current most competitive TP52’s nor their siblings the ORC GP42.  This is to be a proper offshore race boat, capable of surfing to Bermuda or collecting silver in Hobart, in true Bass Strait conditions.

A key similarity to the STP65’s, in a reduced size and budget, is the lifting keel.  This was a particular request of the owner, making it possible to enter any basin, and race with more keel span, and therefore less weight, which offsets the complexity and weight of the lifting mechanism.  Further, the boat has a relatively high beam on deck and significant form stability.  This puts the crews weight to greater benefit.  Our thinking has been to sail with a smaller number of crew than a fully stacked, heavier, upwind oriented boat may choose.  We also think that whether harmful to rating or not, the state-of-the-art performance spar and rig should be a key part of the design – carbon C6+ shrouds and composite head and back stays.  The sail plan for windward leeward courses is a conventional non-overlapping, sprit based package, with square-head mainsail roach only for straight-line courses.  The result is a light weight yacht with excellent dynamic characteristics.  Pushed hard, she will really move downwind under the big A-sail.

Btw, Schickler Tagliapietra are happy to field your questions about design. Just send ’em in!