Get in Line

On Board

Get in Line

The latest on board report from Bouwe Bekking on Telefonica Blue in the VOR.

Not too much to report since last week, maybe the biggest difference is that our daily mileage has come down considerably, as we have been sailing for a too long time, close reaching or on the wind. Now the breeze has finally come aft, but the wind speed has dropped to under 10 knots, so still not making a lot of miles in the right direction. Still well over 8,000 miles to go. When think about it, I take my hat off for the ‘crazy’ guys and girls in the Vendee Globe, who probably think this is a piece of cake, but I cannot imagine how they must feel some times. Straight line sailing is a bit boring in my opinion. At least here we are having the company of our mates, and since the wind has dropped the frequency of somebody cracking jokes or telling stories has increased dramatically.

We have been going ok, I think especially in the tighter angles reaching we have showed some very good pace. Green Dragons have done navigationaly the best, their easterly course have kept them in the picture. We lost again a bit of ground once we passed through the middle of Fiji, but going east of them we would have lost out way more, so it is what it is. We have got some tricky passages towards the first scoring gate, as we have to pass twice a small ridge of high pressure. We hope our more westerly course gives us faster passage through them, but honestly we still have to see if the forecast is exactly what is says.  

Even the Southern Ocean looks in the beginning all how to deal with the big high pressure, instead of playing the lows like in the good old days. This race has definitely changed, for the good or the bad, people will always have their individual thoughts on that. But one thing for sure, for the next race the sailors will stand in line again to do this race, whatever route it will go.