Get the Lead Out

Get the Lead Out

Offshore Sailing

We all know that the numbers in the sport are dropping. Where is the leadership analyzing and offering solutions to turn this around? It isn’t rocket science, the facts are clear. We know that we all have become much busier people than the generation 30 years ago. How do we cater to the offshore boat sailors? How do we bring them back?

There is too much down time in the day. Too much time getting out and in from the racecourse. Too much time waiting for the Race Committee to get the course set and get the first race started. Too much time getting the second and third race of the day started. And prep time and put away time could be more useful.

It is rather simple, compact the day into as short of a time period as possible. Get the boats to the racecourse, start the races on time, start subsequent races with no delay, get the boats back to shore. Is it really that hard? Race Committees sure don’t seem to be able to accomplish this with any regularity.