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Youth of Today

The current slew of record-seeking kids continues with a new twist – this time, the seeker is just 15 years old, weighs about 100 pounds wringing wet, and is named…Jessica.  Australia’s Jessica Watson is busy getting offshore miles in the nasty Tasman Sea right now as she prepares for her   attempt to be the youngest solo, unassisted RTW sailor on Earth.

She plans to sail a S&S 34, the same boat used by Jon Saunders to set his ‘longest at sea’ record, as well as Jesse Martin when he became the youngest circumnavigator.  Jessica has been racing dinghies since she was 8 years old, but does this tiny, adorable chick have a chance at the ultimate test in yachting?

We hope so – and considering her enthusiasm and the volume of offshore miles she’s already accumulated, she might just have a shot.  In any event, we give her huge props for even trying. We’ll try to chat with her sometime in the next few weeks about this huge challenge.

Photo courtesy of www.youngestround.com