The Wrong Thing?

PHRF Sucks

The Wrong Thing?

We’ve long maintained our loathing of PHRF for a number of reasons: incompetent board members, bullshit ratings, cheating, accusations of cheating, denials of cheating, and incessant whining about all of the above are just a few that come to mind. The Dr. Laura ‘situation’ is a brilliant reminder of almost all of it rolled into one. And looky here, the fun just keeps on comin’! This was sent to us anonymously and is apparently written by one of the current owners of Dr. Laura’s former boat, the J/92s Sting and sent to PHRF.

Subject: Regional Board Meeting Minutes January 20, 2009
February 23, 2009
Attention Robert Plant

Dear Robert,

I have put off responding to the January 2009 minutes, hoping it would just go away.  However, I have been recently informed myself Chuck and Dr. Schlessinger are being raked over the coals by the sailing community, based on how the January minutes were written, presented and published.