The enchanting Ali Van Os died yesterday from injuries she received while watching the 50-meter motor yacht Jemasa dock in Phuket, Thailand.  Reports say that a crew accidentally bumped the throttle as the vessel was being made fast, causing the yacht to surge forward and snap one of its massive lines, which struck the 16-year old Van Os in the head.  Ali had walked down to the end-tie to watch the big yacht come in.

Anarchist “Recidivist” wrote a fitting eulogy for the young girl he’s known her whole life:

“Ali was a fantastic kid – absolutely stunning and with such a bright, happy disposition. She had a mild impairment that resulted in her acting younger, more child like than her actual age (but far from calling her intellectually handicapped, she was astonishingly intelligent at the same time as seeming child-like). Because of this, the family decided to cruise around the world to give Ali wider experience, but in a comfortable environment of having her parents there. Lex retired from his career as a barrister and bought the boat specially to do this trip. He had sailed before (owned a Mottle 33 then an Adams 16 metre), but had converted to being a mad keen fisherman, loving the rivers of Kakadu and the Top End.

“Everyone who knew Ali loved her to bits. I guess it was a concern that between her stunning looks and her naivete, there was always a chance that someone would take advantage of her – but Ali had so many people who would protect her if they ever saw anything like that happening. She really was a gorgeous person, dearly loved by her family and friends, who all just wanted the best for her. A truly special and captivating girl, she will be so sadly missed…Everyone who was touched by Ali will hold her memory dear.”

Such an incredible tragedy.  Sail on, young Ali.  Others can share their condolences here. Photo credit Northern Territory News / Northern Territory News.