Justice for All

Justice for All

The USOC decision handed down last Friday in favor of Farrah Hall in her USOC complaint against US Sailing is without question the single biggest indictment of the current leadership of the organization ever.  Never before in the history of US Sailing (or USYRU) has the organization been threatened with decertification by the US Olympic Committee.  US Sailing has been given time to remedy the non-compliance of various USOC regulations, and what is US Sailing’s response?  To act in suspended disbelief, and speak as if they are going to somehow challenge the USOC ruling. The US Sailing press release is somewhere between laughable and pathetic.  Let’s start with this paragraph:

Based on an initial reading of this decision, US SAILING, the national governing body of the sport, believes the panel’s directives, if implemented, will fundamentally change how the sport of sailboat racing is conducted in the United States.

So, faced with the potential for decertification by the USOC if they do not comply with their directives, US Sailing says “if implemented”.  Ok, so they start by challenging the USOC directives.  Then they say “will fundamentally change how the sport of sailboat racing is conducted in the US”.  Sorry, but that is not what the ruling says at all.  The sport of sailboat racing is not going to change – the only thing that is required to change is the composition of the protest committee, and the way requests for redress are heard.  This is a far cry from a fundamental change of the way we race sailboats.

Then there is this quote: