For the Ages

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For the Ages

From our boys on Ragtime as they complete their Tour Down Under…

Raced last two days in the Millennium Cup against five superyachts. For comparison’s sake, we weigh less than 6% of our smallest competition (they are a svelte 440,000 pounds), and 2% of the biggest one. It’s about like bringing a mouse to a elephant race. These boats are pretty impressive charging around at 10-12 knots or more.

Silvertip, Thalia, Zenji (Larry Ellison’s), Naos, and Janice of Wyoming (don’t ask, I don’t know why either other than I presume there is a owner’s wife involved) are racing, plus Ragtime. Not one, but two helicopters plus chase boats filming everything. Tamsen, Nelson, and the J-Boat Endeavour are here but not sailing. For the technically inclined, these boats actually have IRC ratings in the 1.350 range; ours is 1.274 by comparison, so they should be a bit faster.