On Board


The latest on board report from Bouwe Bekking on telefonica Blue in the VOR.

So we have been 1 week on the water,  time to think a bit and reflect on these first days of sailing in the Pacific. It has been bloody wet and even more so boring, as we have been reaching all the time. It has been follow the leaders and don’t try to do anything ‘smart’ from our side. It has been tempting, but common sense prevailed and we just got used to look at the distance table… being behind.  But I am a happy with our pace, the new rudders give us as expected a bit more speed. We have been comparing against previous data, and as well compared this to the Green Dragon in previous legs on these type of angles.Why them? They are sailing the closest to us in more similar conditions. So good news on that front. It will be interesting to see when we start hard running if we get more control and, therefore, more speed.  

The boat has been doing fine, we had one little breakage with the prop door, but that has been it, she is holding up like a glamour. On the people front: it is dreadful if you are people down on these boats, but the guys are all in good shape, nobody injured, which means we can keep pushing all the time.

Not sure how many readers are doing the virtual race, but can expect you feel exactly the same as us, not much to do right now. That will change once we reach the equator; from there to the eastern part of New Zealand, opportunities will open a bit more.  From NZL to Cape Horn, one tip for the virtual sailors: If you don’t have much time on your hand, just sail close to the great circle, with a little favour on the southern side of that line, and then you won’t do too bad at all. Happy armchair sailing!!!