The Right Thing. Again.

The Right Thing. Again.

Last week we ran the story about Dr. Laura getting flicked from PHRF for 3 months for a rules violation or two. (See The Right Thing. Done. below.) Well, we received this letter from the doc, and it seems to be pretty much the right thing, other than she probably didn’t need to throw her resident pro under the bus… She’s an interesting woman. On the one hand the Dr. L on the radio is, how shall we say it, sucky? We don’t buy into that whole anti-gay, anti-abortion right wing lunacy, and to us, between the stern lecturing tone of her advice, the lack of humor, and the retards who call her show, it is unlistenable But, your Ed actually had a private conversation with her at SDYC a couple years or so ago, and found her quite engaging. Whatever.

Some of your forum members have been wondering what happened regarding STING
(J/92s) and PHRF. It turns out that a boat I owned and raced in a number of PHRF races a couple of years
ago, and recently sold, was missing a bladder and had a door in bubble wrap in storage instead
of on hinges. The truth is, that the door was in bubble wrap when I bought it, so it seems I
bought an illegal boat and sailed an illegal boat.

You all know Kenny Keiding (Note: not all of you know Kenny, but we do and he is genuinely a good dude. – Ed). He is responsible for taking care of my boats and making sure they
are legal. He made a mistake and I sailed an illegal boat without knowing it. Well, I am the
captain of my ship and it is my boat, so it is ultimately my responsibility. The buck stops here.

PHRF SoCal has sanctioned me for three months – and I accept their sanction. I had no desire to
cheat. But "stuff" happens. At least I didn’t use any performance enhancing drugs (except for
the glass of pinot grigio at the end of my races).

To those of you who said nice things about me…thank you. To those of you who didn’t say nice things about me…you’re welcome.

Dr Laura