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Anarchist jfunk puts it away!

The View from Commonwealth Bank – Hawaii 5 0

Day 5 of the Living Colour International 505 Australian Championships turned out to be a glamorous looking day. It also seemed we were going to get a bit of seabreeze action, and with us heading offshore for the first time, the day was looking good. It didn’t last. The wind became patchy, which made it difficult in the bumpy rolly conditions outside the heads. It was the sort of day crews hate, in and out all day. At the same time, throughout the day, we had the army running manoeuvres just above the top mark. People jumping out of planes from a very low level and parachuting into the water. Amazing to watch, but a little distracting. That’s Mr. Funk pictured left above with Sandy Higgins.

Race 7. As I said yesterday, we needed one more good race. We were out of the gate early, as were most of the contenders. Torvry Mirsky and Kyle Langford were out first, with Adrian Finglas and Sam Heritage, then us. There was a large bunch in the middle lead by Kevin Cameron and Matt Bowden and our boys Nick Deussen and Jonno Bannister. We came back from the left a little earlier than the other two early starters to cross the guys to the right. At the mark Aids and Sam had us, but is was tight, with a bunch of boats right there. We had a quick set and took the lead, which we held for the rest of the day. From there, it was a battle for the minors with both Nick and Jonno and Kevin and Matt, getting past Adrian and Sam. It was a good race, and we were pretty sure we had the regatta with two races to spare. Not trusting our maths, we stayed out for race 8.

Race 8. Out early again, we got left hooked a shift and rounded the top mark first. Nick and Jonno were next, then Sandy’s Brother Malcolm and Camel (Nick Johnson). It was a good situation from our perspective. Three South Oz boats which was going to be good for the teams trophy. Plus Nick and Jonno are the guys we helped with gear, so from my sponsors perspective, it was a great day, with Commonwealth bank logos first and second all day. We stayed in that order throughout the day. By this stage the wind had lightened off even more, so it was just getting more and more painful, so we were all happy to see the shorten course flag pop up on the committee boat and stocked to finally cross the line.

So it was done and I have got to say I am pretty happy. Sandy was great to sail with. We are long time mates and had sailed together for 8 years early in our careers, but this was the first time we have sailed together since 94. Normally he has been the opposition. He is a brilliant sailor and deserves the victory and I am ecstatic, it’s the only regatta I have ever wanted.

Obviously there is racing today, one to go and there is a massive logjam for the minor placings. We are not going out, so there will be no view from the Commonwealth Bank – Hawaii 5 0. I am out celebrating! Results are here.